Entlebuchers af Midgård 

Bengt & Johnette Öman


Juni af Midgård

The One Who Began It All

Juni was born in the San Diego, CA area on June 8, 2011. She is our beloved family pet.
Juni is out of George & Shirley Miller’s Shoobox Kennels.
She has never been bred or shown; but still a champion in our eyes!  Through Juni, we fell in love with the Entlebucher breed.

CH Paneer Pocket of Brunswick CGC,TKN


Pocket was born July 22, 2016. She is out of Rebecca Hahn's Brunswick Entlebuchers. Pocket is a beautiful example of a female Entlebucher. She was shown in AKC conformation and received her championship in May 2018.

Pocket is the only breeding dam in our kennel.


Derbyland Baltimore


Derbyland Baltimore or 'Bolt' to us, was born June 1, 2017. He is out of Oksana Dudnik's Derbyland kennel. He and brother Blix were born in Kiev, Ukraine. I imported both boys to diversify our North American gene pool. Bolt is a a beautiful boy and is currently earning points in the show ring for his AKC conformation championship. He is 18 and 1/2 inches tall and 56lbs. He is a love and he produces beautiful puppies.

Derbyland Blix


Derbyland Blix was born June 1, 2017. He is litter mate to Bolt out of Oksana Dudnik's Derbyland kennel in Kiev , Ukraine. Blix is a confident, athletic and playful boy. He, too, is currently earning points in the show ring for his AKC conformation championship. He is 19 inches tall and 52lbs. Blix is our cuddle-bug!

Blix 2020 (2).jpg

A Little About
Us and Our
Breeding Philosophy

At Midgård we believe in raising our Entlebuchers as family members. Friends, children and grandchildren provide plenty of socialization opportunities! When matching a puppy to a forever home, we make sure that the new family is prepared to love and care for their new family member as much as we do.

Although tail docking is still an acceptable practice in the United States, Midgård follows the Swiss regulation on tail docking; we do not dock tails.

Midgård follows strict breeding guidelines set forth by our breeds parent organization National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association  (NEMDA). I am also very fortunate to have support from a group of like minded breeders in Entlebucher Breeders & Friends (EB&F)

If you want to talk more about the amazing Entlebucher or need help in deciding if this is the right dog choice for you; please fill out and send us the Contact Me card below.

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